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Chat X Planet's Privacy Policy

Your Privacy & Confidentiality Policy
Please read our privacy policy to see how we protect you!

Privacy VS. Online Predators
We take your privacy very seriously! We will never sell, rent, give-away, or provide your submitted information, sensitive or otherwise, including email addresses, to anyone at anytime unless required to do so by law or in the event we suspect or find you to be guilty of using our chat rooms or services to solicite minors for drugs, nudity or sexual favors. Also known as online predatoring. We strive to provide the best and most safe online experience for all ages and will do what is necessary to ensure this protection.

Internet Service Provider Addresses (ISP's)
You're ISP is logged everytime you connect to our homepage or internal pages, use our services such as blogs, chat rooms and message boards or send email. This information is not supplied to third-party vendors, nor used for internal purposes other than internal tracking purposes such as demographics and law enforcement purposes.

Child Privacy Protection
All children registered for permission to use our services are registered through their legal guardian or parent(s). All children under the age of 13 are required to supply us with their legal guardian or parent(s) permission via a written statement provided through the mail attesting to the granted permission. The information provided on the form will be no more than the child's first and last name, age, date of birth, and desired username (nickname) for services and chat rooms and telephone numbers where the legal guardian or parent(s) may be contacted in the event of possible solicition or online child endangerment for warning purposes only. We will never, under any circumstances, unless required by law with sufficent parent permission or warrant, release the child's indentifying information. All request to terminate or add any child's account to any of our services, must be corresponded via postal services to ensure proper privacy protection.

Complaintant Confidentiality Clause
Any individual submitting a complaint regarding spam, harassment, lewd conduct or any other type of offensive and / or unethical behavior committed by either a non-staff and / or staff member, may choose to have their identity withheld from the public and / or from the access of those being complained against. However, if such matters dictate, either through warrant, legal obligation and / or for safety purposes, your identity may be released either to the authorities and / or those that were complained against. ChatXPlanet will not endorse, allow, nor tolerate complaints submitted to us based on racism, discrimination, slander, deflamation of character and / or any other term designated to signify abuse and / or criminal activity and those that do submit based on the criteria mention above but not limited to, will be removed from access to our servers and will be reported to the appropriate legal agencies. All complaints submitted to ChatXPlanet.com are retained and saved on record for legal purposes.

Private Conversations (P2P's)
Please note that all conversations, private and public or recorded within logs stored on the chatxplanet chat server and is accessible by chatxplanet administration. Though, the private conversations are accessible, chatxplanet administration choose not to read them unless warranted to do so either to solve an internal investigation or required by law to do so.

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