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Our, Ours, Us, ChatXPlanet, CXP, CXP Owners, CXP Staff, Offical Rooms, ChatXPlanet.com, ChatXPlanet.com Staff, Contractor, Participator, Administration, Network Monitors.

Your, Yours, You, Participator, Room Owner, Contractee, Non-Offical Rooms, User, Member, Subscriber.

Channel, Chat Room, Room, Rooms, Chatroom.

These terms, which henceforth are referred to as the Terms and Agreement policy and/or Terms of Service and both definitions/descriptions are used synonomously and are set forth by ChatXPlanet.com and are a legally binding contract that, you, the participator willingly enter into on your behalf and without force or coercion. These terms may change at any time with or without warning and it is your sole responsibility to ensure you are not violating the terms set forth. ChatXPlanet.com reserves the right to change these terms, in part or whole, at any time with or without a reason to you.

All accounts, free and / or paid, must be created using valid, contactable information requested such as, but not limited to, names, email addresses, mailing addresses and in some cases telephone numbers. It is forbidden and against the law to create an account using false information, whether or not, that individual gave you permission to use their information as yours. Any account found to be fraudulent will be terminated and reported to the appropriate authorities immediately. In relation to staffing and / or DJ positions and / or any position created and offered by CXP administration, all information submitted, personal and / or non-personal in nature by you, the applicant, must be able to be validated by email(s), physical address(s), telephone number(s) and reference contact(s).

All information provided to ChatXPlanet.com is strictly confidential and will never under any circumstances, unless warranted by law, be released or sold to any outside agency including third-party advertising houses. All private conversations, also known as P2P's, are recorded by the server and are accessible by the owners and administration of ChatXplanet.com. You agree that you will not use any of ChatXplanet's services such as but not limited to, the forum boards, chat channels, hosted email, contact forms and / or the P2P ability to cause harm, threaten, or perform acts of any criminal nature, such as any abuse or harassment in any form, recruitment for criminal and / or conspiracies to commit illegal acts in any form and / or spam and you also agree to the waiver of any privacy act or law regarding your privacy when using the ChatXPlanet chat server in any form including but not limited to private conversations or public chat. For more information regarding your privacy, please read our privacy policy.

Rooms placed within our protected network will receive full administrative support against abusive chatters. If you first attempt to ban a user from your room and are unsuccessful in keeping user out, you may contact ChatXPlanet Administration and they will assist in globally banning the abusive chatter.

All free hosted accounts (paid hosted accounts are not subject to the monitoring network), will be placed within our manditory monitored network. This is NOT the same as our protected network. All rooms that are monitored will be restricted to having our monitoring bot script on their channel at all times. The bot will monitor channel activity for any term violation as well as enforce ChatXPlanet.com rules and policies set forth. The logs collected by the monitoring / enforcement bot will be used to determine necessary action against a channel / room and to detect term violation as well as channel abuse.

All free accounts are accounts the owner, you, are not charged for but are restricted to certain conditions which are manditory. All free hosted accounts are subject to network monitoring via our bot protection / monitoring script. The bot, known as Alex, AlexAlien, Alexia, AlexiaAlien and / or Guardian will monitor all activity said and done within the channel logging potential term violations and / or channel abuse as well as enforce rules implemented by ChatXplanet.com. All free hosted accounts will receive periodic announcements / advertisements in their rooms / channels pertaining to in-house ChatXPlanet.com events, announcements, and possible third party advertising affiliated or purchased with ChatXplanet.com. All free hosted accounts are subject and must adhere to the rules set forth by ChatXPlanet.com. This will include but not limited to the rules found at http://www.chatxplanet.com/rules.php with the exception of limited use of IRC scripts. The rules will be enforced by our monitoring / protection bot. Limited use of IRC scripts are mp3 broadcasts, aways, and / or gaming scripts. All other scripts are forbidden on free hosted accounts. Free accounts are not allowed to place within their room channel words or titles that signify they are a business or another website / chat service such as web addresses or names of website / service provided.

Paid hosting accounts are not subject to the same manditory conditions as the free hosted accounts and are paid for every 30 days for $4.95. Owners are allowed to use customized topic greet with the exception of a forum / message board and / or chat site address as those are considered conflicts of interest to our mission and purpose as a website. Paid accounts are able to mandate their own set of rules and are not required to adhere to our rules or being monitored.

Rooms and / or room owners caught running illegal, War, Abuse, DDoS, Bouncers, Flood, and spam bots / scripts and / or bots or scripts designed to harass chatters, will be terminated immediately. IRC scripts and / or bots are permitted as long as they are not for destructive, abusive, harassing and / or illegal activity but for safe entertainment and channel protection only.

All accounts and users must adhere to the terms set forth herein as well as those set within this paragraph specifically attached to Top Site Accounts.
1. All accounts must be of non-pornographic and / or lewd and / or offensive in nature and must be of chat and / or forum based.
2. All sites viewed within the top site pages must be free of any and all malicious codes, programs and / or scripts including but not limited to: spyware, adware, tracking cookies and / or any content viewed as illegal and / or unethical.
3. Sites containing refresh scripts and / or meta refresh tags set for less than 30 seconds will be removed from the network.
4. Banners must not exceed size restrictions set forth on the join page. Dimensions of approved banners will be 468x60 and less.
5. URL provided to ChatXPlanet.com's Top Ranker site must not be a redirect, hidden and / or blind link, stealth link, cloaked link and / or any other type of linking practice used to intentionally deceive and / or trick the visitor.
6. If site registered for our services does contain adult material, then those pages cannot be the landing page provided to the service and all adult material must be clearly restricted and unaccessible to those under the ages of 18. Sites found in violation of this will be terminated and reported to the appropriate authorities.
7. All practices of cheating and unethical webmaster tactics (blackhat, spamming etc.) will not be tolerated. All accounts found in violation of these and all terms set forth within the Terms of Agreement (also known as Terms of Service), will be terminated and possibly reported to the appropriate agencies.

We have a very strict no spam policy and any account, free or paid, caught or suspected of spamming may be terminated, banned and / or restricted from any site access immediately with or without a full investigation. All reports, logs and / or material collected may be reported, with all identifying information, not limited to your IP address, to the appropriate authorities. Spamming is considered to be advertising via email to those that do not request or sign up for your email, spamming your room name, channel, website or link, personally owned or third party owned, within other CXP official and / or non-official rooms or Person2Person (P2P A.k.A Private Chat) conversations and / or private channel notices. All room owners, free and / or paid, are responsible for the actions of their chatters and those that participate in their rooms whether or not they are currently chatting in the channel or not. Violation of this, may result in your room being locked down pending investigation and / or terminated immediately. If your room is locked down due to suspected and / or witnessed spam, you will have the option to contact us with a written report within the investigation period explaining the situation. Please note, a written statment will not prevent the termination of your room, but mearly provide us with more information when determining necessary action including not terminating account. All chatters are responsible for their actions whenever they are accessing any part of the ChatXplanet website, not limited to the chat channels.

All billing cycles and payment deducations are utilized through PayPal© and their payment processes. All payments are recurring and are for a thirty (30) day bill period and is automatically deducted from your account 30 days from your initial account creation date. To cancel your subscription, please go through your personal PayPal© account to cancel. You may cancel at any time for any reason.

Every 30 day billing cycle PayPal© will attempt to deduct $4.95 USD from your PayPal© account, bank account or credit card which ever you use for payment. If for any reason the transfer is insufficient, we will provide you a grace period of no more than 7 days from the date of the insufficient transfer at which time we will attempt a second payment deduction. If the second atttempt is insufficient we will terminate your account for non-payment immediately.

We will refund your paid funds 100% if you are unsatisified for any reason for the first 30 day paid period within the first 30 days of active service. After the 30 day refund policy days are expired, the refund policy is no longer in effect. If we cancel your hosting after the initial 30 days for a non-violation reason, we will refund your paid amount equal to total days active within a 30 day period.

If we find your room in violation of the terms set forth, we may commense an investigative lock down. This lock down will be for no more than 7 days from the date of first initial lock down to allow time for a full investigation of the offense. You are allowed to contact administration with a written explanation of the situation within the 7 day investigative period at which point, we will grant an additional 3 days to provide time to take into account the offense, your statement, and the situation to decide what action will be taken.

Any work, including but not limited to, stories, articles, artwork, forum posts, chat logs & conversations, logos, scripts, ideas, images, and / or anything submitted by the general public, CXP members and / or staff of CXP become the sole property of ChatXPlanet.com in it's entirety. You agree to waiver your ownership rights, either proprietary, copyright, copyleft, intellictual or any other term designated to determine one's personal ownership and agree to release all ownership rights to ChatXPlanet.com. If property is submitted during a contest, ownership rights are still released to ChatXPlanet.com however, depending on type of contest, credits and other types of recognition may and or will be provided to the submitter if applicable.

All personnel of CXP, considered to be 'STAFF' are non-paid, volunteer positions and are not offered any incentives or bonuses, either material & tangible goods and / or monetary, to hold such positions with ChatXPlanet.com. All individuals seeking a position as staff with ChatXPlanet must undergo an extensive training course and pass a computerized test to become eligible for placement as staff. The term "hired or hire" are used synonomously with the term "Volunteer" and do not signify or mean that you will be paid by any means and / or we are required to provide you with employment benefits such as insurance, retirement or any other benefit and requirement undertaken by employers. All staff that "volunteer" are considered to be "hired" by ChatXplanet, again without monetary and tangible goods gain and / or value. All those who are 'staff' for ChatXPlanet acknowledge and agree they will not be paid or provided any type of incentive or benefit for being staff.

All accounts and / or services, free and / or paid, will be terminated immediately or after pending investigation, based on our descretion, for any violation of these terms or for any types of network abuse including but not limited to network spam. All and / or any rooms that fall within the list below will not be permitted to reside on our server and / or will be terminated immediately and reported to the appropriate authorities: 1. Endorsement or supporting of terrorism or acts of terrorism.
2. Exploitation of minors
3. Running illegal or forbidden scripts which are as follows but are not limited to: Bouncers, Spammers, Flooders, DDoS, War, Warez, network abusers and / or those designed to abuse and / or harass chatters in any way and / or those designed to disrupt network connectivity.
4. Promoting of illegal activity such as but not limited to: cracking, hacking, phreaking, spamming, pirating, DDoS attacking, and / or any other criminal activity.
5. Rooms used to specifically run IRC scripts with no intent to actively chat or participate in. Participation will be monitored within free accounts.
6. Rooms that remain inactive for a period not to exceed more than 30 days. If room remains inactive for long periods and shows no signs of activity growth, room may be suspended or locked down pending investigation to terminate. You will receive notice of suspension or lockdown at which time you will have the ability to provide a written statement to attempt to counter-act the termination.
7. Rooms that receive constant attacks, floods, abusive chatters, and / or situations that may or do put our network at risk will be terminated immediately.
8. violation of terms and / or rules set forth by ChatXPlanet.com.
9. Promotion of racist and / or slanderous activity and / or the promotion of hatred and violence in any way.
10. Distribution of copywritten material, MP3's, Movie Files, and / or any sharing of files, including pictures, they do not own.
11. Rooms promoting pornography and / or the distribution of pornography in any form.

We, chatxplanet.com, reserve the right to refuse service and / or cancel accounts at any time with or without reason.

You agree to not hold ChatXplanet.com, its staff, officers, owners and / or any of its sister companies responsible for any loss and / or damage to software and / or hardware and / or internet connectivity for using this service and / or any service provided by ChatXplanet.com. You agree that it is your sole responsiblity to maintain your personal safety online and offline as well as ensuring your computer is protected from attacks and will not hold ChatXPlanet.com, it's staff, officers, owners and / or sister companies responsible for and unsafe act and / or attack either online or offline while using any service, including the chat rooms, provided by ChatXPlanet.com. You also agree not to hold ChatXplanet.com, it's staff, officers, owners and / or sister companies for any loss of service, free and / or paid, due to acts of God, acts of war, technical difficulties, server upgrades, server maintainence, server disconnections due to acts of criminal activity (eg. hacking) and / or Server backups and you agree that if account is paid for, refunds and / or paid days will not be granted and / or prorated for these periods of loss of service.

Amendment: 04/07/2009 - Though we consider your personal privacy and safety to be of the upmost importance, and though CXP administration and staff will do all that is humanly possible to ensure your safety, we cannot be held responsible for any information you, the user, release of your own will. You agree to release CXP of all legal responsibility for any personal and / or software harm and / or damage, harassment-physical, emotional, mental, sexual and / or non-sexual, mental and / or emotional stress caused by the releasing of your personal information and / or from any usage of our services, free and / or paid.

This, and any other service provided by ChatXplanet.com, is provided as is and without expressed warranty of delivery of service and / or connectivity.

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