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Below is a list of our famed DJs, a quick biography and their air times. All times are in Central Standard time.

DJ Bufferboy: 9PM - 11PM Thursday / 12AM - 1AM Fridays
This jam'n DJ not only is the radio head (The Radio Boss, the Big Station Kahuna, The Sounds Master and The Station Owner - select your preferred butt-kissing title to use!) for ChatXPlanet, but he's also a boogey-Woogey type with his, my girlfriend left me-my house is no longer mine-I have a tear in my beer-and my dog left me country tunez!

DJ Aphrodites: 8PM - 11PM Tuesdays
The self-presumed goddess of ChatXPlanet and a right royal pain-in-the-um,yeah lol. She'll play anything to please and especially loves her canadian tunez to the annoyance of DJ Swizzlestix who, by the way, is our peachy gorilla from down-under. :P

DJ PrimalRage >> Unleash The Beast: 7PM - 10PM Mondays Personal Radio Page
Just as the name applies, this DJ is thrashing with a radio-active, rabid personality topped with mouth-foam! From country to heavy metal, PrimalRage will unleash the beast from within! Or atleast tame that milk-drinking kitty kat of yours lol!

DJ Muse >> Mix It Up!: 9PM - 11PM Friday / 12AM - 2AM Saturday and 10PM - 11PM Saturday / 12AM Sunday and 4PM - 6PM Wednesday
Rock, Alternative and Country with a sprinkle of Jazz. Muse is always Amused when she's "amusing" others :P

DJ Queen-Bunyip >> 1AM - 2AM Sundays and 1AM - 2AM Fridays

DJ TJ >> 8PM - 11PM Sundays and 7PM - 10PM Wednesdays

DJ Punky >> 12AM - 2AM Mondays and 12AM - 2AM Wednesdays
Goddess-In-Traning, Punky, Punkster Brewsterz, Call her what ever you want but on Mondays and Wendesdays she anwsers to DJ_Punky! Haha. This DJ knows how to get you dancing in your seat! Just request a song! And she’ll play it for ya =] She plays mostly pop and dance with a bit of oldies mixed in and some rock!

DJ CoolFox >> 4PM - 7PM Sundays and 5PM - 8PM Saturdays

DJ Swizzlestix >> Fill In

DJ LuLu >> 8AM - 11AM Sunday and 9AM - 11AM Mondays

DJ Geek >> 7PM - 8PM Thursdays and 6PM - 7PM Fridays

DJ Red >> Fill In
Sealed away by the gods for all eternity, Inflicted by madness, demolished by endless mental sabatage, literally voltage controlled, CXP Administrators have broken the seal, and exiled him into a mental enviroment to unleash his fury, beware the tunes of DJ

DJ Hilo >> 12AM - 3AM Thursdays Personal Radio Page

DJ Smooth >> 5PM - 7PM Tuesdays
My first time of djing was at a church. I djed for there church picnic. The fisrt time I did it, it wasnt to good. and the location wasnt to good. Then I started to know about IRC. then MCM told me about ChatXPlanet. Then they started a DJ radio. So I joined, I was pretty good. Then next year at my church I djed, it was awesome. ( This was this year, 2007 ) Now I'm gonna be better djing on the ChatXPlanet Radio. Thats all i can think of now. This is DJ Smooth.

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