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Chat X Planet's Chat Room Rules

Welcome to ChatXPlanet These are the guidelines we us to ensure all of our chatters have a relaxing and enjoyable time at our site. If you feel uncomfortable with a situation or would like more clarity on any of these rules please feel free to approach any staff member and they will be happy to assist you.

Even though you can speak your mind, opinions, and chat about practically everything under the sun, we do ask that you respect the wishes of others in the rooms. If you are asked to stop, by either a moderator or chatter, please stop. Being offensive will never be tolerated. We love having you around, so please allow us to keep you ;)

These rules apply to everyone here at ChatXPlanet from chatters to owners. Please note that this is a living document and will be updated from time to time; please be certain to check here on a regular basis to keep you informed of any changes. Here, we don't make you guess about what's considered appropriate or inappropriate, or change the rules to fit administration agendas. If it's written, then consider it to be upheld. You are apart of the ChatXplanet family and together, we will make this chat site the best chat site in cyberspace!

1) Room Ages The adult room is for chatters ages 18 and over, while the Teen Room is for chatters ages 17 and under. If you are new to our room, a room moderator may ask you to confirm your age. Chatters are required to answer the age question if it is posed to them. Failure to answer will result in a kick and possible ban from the room. Staff will ask ages to ensure the safety of underage chatters on our site, so please answer if you are asked.

2) Respect Your Fellow Chatters Please chat in a manner that is not disrespectful or demeaning to your fellow chatters. Please do not provoke other chatters or attempt to engage in arguments that use derogatory or belittling comments. Differences of opinion are welcomed as long as they are presented in a respectful manner.

3) Racial and Offensive Sexual Comments are not allowed Chatters at ChatXPlanet are not permitted to make racist or sexually derogatory remarks. These comments will result in an immediate kick and possible ban from the room. Continued use of such comments may result in a k-line from the site.

4) Flooding is not permitted Chatters are not permitted to flood the room, flooding will result in an immediate kick and a possible ban from the room.

5) Requests from other chatters if a conversation or activity makes another chatter uncomfortable and their request is reasonable, they may ask you to stop a certain topic. Should this happen, and because we want all chatters to be comfortable we do ask that you respect their wishes and change the topic. There are certain topics that may be upsetting to certain people for personal reasons; we do appreciate your understanding in these situations.

6) Room Age Restrictions Adults are not permitted to be in or chat with underage chatters (i.e. those 17 and under), Teens are not permitted to be in the adult room. Any chatters breaking this room will be asked to leave the room in question, if they refuse to leave they may be kicked and possibly banned to keep them out of that room. Open chat between 18 + and 17 younger is permitted in rooms deemed to be 'all age' however, private conversations are still restricted and strictly prohibited between 18+ and 17 younger chatters.

7) Private Conversations Adults are not permitted, under any circumstance to engage in a private (person-to-person) conversation with a minor chatter. Adults that do this may be k-lined from the site, and/or reported if deemed necessary to the appropriate authorities to protect our younger chatters.

8) No Excessive swearing We ask that all chatters refrain from using excessive swearing and other derogatory remarks. Swearing is offensive to many chatters, so bearing this in mind we request that words such as the one that begins with F is not used in excess.

9) Idling in the Room Chatters that idle for more than 24 hours will be kicked from the room by our staff. We welcome chatters to leave their computers for a few minutes and maybe even an hour or two, however we do not want our site to be used as to idle for days on end.

10) Advertising Advertising other chat rooms, sites, channels, forum boards, web sites or other web links is strictly prohibited either in p2p (private) or main chat rooms. Releasing of personal contact information in main chat rooms is strictly prohibited as well. Keep the releasing of personal information private (p2p).

11) No Unauthorized Bots / Scripts All mIRC scripts, including bot scripts/programs, except for MP3 scripts, are strictly forbidden for use in the Adult channel, Teen channel, Lobby channel and Hangout unless you have prior approval from an admin or owner. Failure to abide by this rule will get you completely banned from site! Please turn off all scripting PRIOR to entering the above chat channels!

12) Have Fun All chatters are required to have fun while at our site, please feel free to jump into the conversation in the main room. We also welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions and we thank you for helping us make this the best chat site on the Internet.

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